The Verge Daily Off-Topic: February Stars, Bye-Bye.. (Fri Feb 28)

Friday! End of the working week and time to unwind if this is day 5 for you.

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So, March arrives. In March many good things happen. GDC, Dark Souls 2, Captain America 2, Dark Souls 2, eating...

What are you looking forward to the most?

I think the main issue people* are taking is that it looks pretty much the same as last years, which looked pretty much the same as the year before.

People* got used to android manufacturer’s releasing a new design for there phones every year. And slating apple for doing it every two.

Also the only other majorly reported feature is the fingerprint scanner, which people* will say is only because apple did it.

I am an iPhone user, but was really tempted by the Note2. I haven’t been that bothered by any Samsung phone since then.

*i say people but mean a small majority of vocal individuals on the Internet. I am sure that this will become samsungs biggest selling phone.

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