Which phone should I get?

  • I am really torn. I do not know what to get. Here are my choices. My budget is 299.99. My upgrade is thursday. My current phone is a Galaxy Nexus. I am on Verizon. I have a 100 dollar gift card as well
  • Galaxy Note 3, this is my first choice because of the big screen and the stylus
  • Galaxy S5, which is coming out in April and my Galaxy Nexus cant last 2 hours on a damn charge so I dont want to wait long
  • HTC M8. love the aluminum, im afraid they wont support the device well because htc is notorious for that, but the same goes with the s5, i dont want to wait a really long time
  • LG g2, heard great reviews but i hate the interface and i dont know if i could get used to the back buttons. oh and the plastic....
  • LG gpro 2. didnt hear a lot of this phone yet so if you do know, please share any details
  • Other. If you have any suggestions, do share
Again, my upgrade is thursday, which is free pancake day at ihop. Verizon is right next door to my ihop so that would be an awesome day: free pancakes and a new phone.