Which 'well reviewed' gadgets ended up disappointing you in the last 12 month ?

I have two.

Nexus 5:

It wasn't just the device, but the Android platform and respective ecosystem itself that disappointed me. For starters, the battery on this thing is a complete joke, I mean it lasts barely more than half a day if used extensively. I am now so sick of hearing the 'dying battery' prompts that I am just about ready to get a cheap Lumia 720 that covers all the basics just as well and lasts longer. Many applications I downloaded ended up not working or not working well, either crashed or were very buggy. The UI on many of the older apps is abysmal and feels like you are using a buggy Windows desktop app on a phone. I am now getting random pop up offers on the home screen for 'Zynga games', don't know where it's coming from as I deleted all kids apps that were installed. Putting any widgets on the home screen drains the battery ever faster.

I have used Android before, but never too extensively. The home screen UI is rubbish. It obstructs discoverability, I can see the idea behind Ms not sectioning the home screen and making it all one vertical scrolling list. I absolutely don't care or better said can't be effed swiping to any widgets or things on my other home screens, I try to put the most important things on the first home screen, but there's obviously not enough room for everything.

Also many of the first party OS UI features are made more complex than they need be. I don't like how hangouts is integrated with my other primary messaging services, feels forced and I certainly don't want to be offered to create a 'new hangout' when I just type a number in to send a text to, miss/dismiss by accident the pop up 'send sms to' prompt and you have to get dirty with trying to get it back.

I was dumbfounded to learn that neither the hangouts icon nor the phone icon show any indication that there's a missed call or new message ! Having to rely solely on the notification pull down menu, which can have a dozen other things sitting in there, forcing you to look for what it was that triggered the alert. Heck, even iPhone shows indicators on icons. I can't comprehend why Google hasn't implemented simple indicators/badges above icons and no, I don't want install some shitty, ad supported 3rd party app that can do this.

There are many things I like too of course, like best in class voice recognition and respective assistant, Google maps is clean, modern and functional, it is the best maps package out there bar the times when you don't have a data connection. Gmail is fantastic and so is Chrome (shits on oversimplified IE on WP, then again, most things do). 'Google now' feels promising too, at least the design is, it however does shit all for me in my city.

After 3 month on Android I am walking away with the feeling that the core OS UI is poorly implemented, outdated in concept and overcomplicated, even though the design language is now appealing and modern, it is power hungry, many older apps are horrendous and buggy (devs make apps that feel more complicated to navigate in general), there's an ad/malware problem. Widgets are convenient (but home screen screws it up), Several first party apps/services are fantastic and are the only thing that make the platform worthwhile, too bad they are just as good and available on iOS though. If you need all the apps and best of Google and don't mind absence of widgets, get an iPhone instead.


Ok, for starters I have not owned any console for over 15 years or so and just played on the PC. But I would like to think I have a more or less open mind and can recognise that which is bordering good or bad. I was looking forward to a powerful, all capable smart box under the TV. Instead I felt I got an unfinished, gimmicky box that doesn't do much outside or running games that take a while to load whilst you watch the intro (devs fault likely). 3rd time around having to watch the Need for speed rivals intro I just walked up to the XBOX and turned it off.

Sure, it's a long term product that evolves, but at the moment it does not offer jack in terms of apps and services, at least in Australia. The voice control is miserable gimmick, works so so and limited in commands. Can't even browse the internet by saying 'open such and such site', you have say Bing this or that etc. There's no way to control cursor/pointer with hand gestures and you must use the joystick, what is the effing point of kinect then ? Browsing the net on it feels like using one of those early 2000's internet set top boxes, except harder as you have no keyboard/mouse. Basically shizer in every respect.

Now this is probably true for all consoles, but I don't understand how kids and teens (they mainly use consoles I believe) can bare to play first person shooters and other types of games where the controller is abysmal for controlling them. After 45 minutes of BF4 using the joysticks and jerking camera pov as it moves in these 'bursts' I felt like vomiting and shut the game off, I am not the type that gets motion sick easily either. I could probably target and shoot 3x as many objects using a kbm during the time a console player takes to aim at one. I am now really looking forward to the steam boxes and think they will walk all over these as preferred gaming 'consoles' eventually.

Overall, the XBOX left me with a feeling that its 'NOTHING', brings nothing new in terms of interaction, does not augment the living room in any considerable degree and won't even suffice as an internet set top box, let alone a core home entertainment\media platform. The voice interaction is limited, slow and gimmicky and services and apps are under-featured and boring. It's a turd waiting to get run over by a truly smart set top box that allows advanced methods of interaction (Put Google now/voice there etc. Already miles better) suitable for all kinds of activities, has a huge app store (one man, indie and AAA), has great apps for all platforms, allowing devices on those platform to augment/extend the smart box etc. Works with hordes of 3rd party accessories like wireless speakers and appliances etc. The XBOX is out the door next week, no use for it.