Improved facebook integration in WP?

I am not a huge fan of facebook. But it's omnipresent and a standard so I use it.

In my newsfeed I have maybe only like 20 people whose posts I actually want to follow. Even from those, I have all the games and apps and crap hidden. So my newsfeed actually only shows relevant posts from relevant people.

I also use messaging quite a lot. A lot of my family/friends still don't have some sort of SMS plan so facebook messaging is pretty big in this circle.

So my questions are:

- is it actually technically possible to make "what's new" section of people hub as functional as facebook website newsfeed? If so, how probable would some improvements be in the near future? Is it just backend stuff that needs to be improved or the people hub as well?

is it actually technically possible to make messaging app as functional as an android facebook messenger app? meaning, ability to send and receive photos and the ability to have the full thread sync (so that a messaging app on wp syncs facebook messages that I receive on other devices)?

- if I should not expect the above two, is it technically possible to make wp facebook app as functional as the one on android/iOS? or are there some API issues or something? can we expect messenger on WP? What about the new Paper?

I would appreciate if someone with the background and knowledge can cast some light on this whole facebook thing on WP, because it's starting to get on my nerves a bit.