Action Tiles (concept)

Hi, this is my first post in the tribe so take easy on me guys.

A few weeks back I read this news about a patent from Microsoft for a cubes ui of sorts, and after reading through the comments I found the this concept about cubes and secondary tiles.

Now, while I find both ideas interesting, I think that flicking cubes in a screen as small as a phone's would be a pain and would add a layer of complexity that goes against the metro style ( I'm not calling it modern style ) so thinking about it and inspired by the second tiles concept I made my own concept for what I call Action tiles.

This tiles would act as normal tiles, giving you information and accessing the app once you click on them but if you flick them downwards after holding them for a split second, as was used to select tiles in windows 8, they would bring up a selection of secondary tiles that would either deep link to a section of the app or perform a specific action of the app without even needing to enter it.

They would mostly be used for quick tasks and to help declutter start screens. Here's an example of how it would be to send a text using a contact action tile.



And here are two other of deep linking and executing an action without leaving the start screen.