4 Things Facebook Should do with Mobile

Improve Facebook Paper: Of course this is on here. It's brand new. I feel like watching videos is 100x harder than it should be. You should be able to watch videos as easy as you watch pictures, and from what I have seen with it, it is really difficult.

Facebook Explore: Create a new app that allows users to pick different countries and regions around the world and find different things about them. Use public Facebook and Instagram pictures to display and possibly integrate restaurants and other venues/attractions.

Facebook Now: Facebook Now would be an app and a feature on the website that allows users to find out that is happening right now. This could include everything from TV Shows to events in their town. Sometimes you don't know about things happening around you, so it could help, especially if you are on vacation/ a trip.

Create a "Hangout" Competitor: Google Hangout is different way from the usual Skype calling. Facebook would be wise to set up a similar like product which could be used for students and business people alike.