Essentials of a Great Smart TV.

Warning: this is sort of a consumer rant. I've had an Apple TV in the living room for years now. It was the centerpiece. Netflix, HBOGO, music streaming etc. It has been used heavily. Never a problem. Starts quickly and right where it left off. I needed to replace the TV itself and decided to pay more for a smart TV and move the Apple TV into my room. I went with a Samsung because the guy at Best Buy said that they had the best Smart TV features of anyone and I figured that he was probably right. At first everyone loved it but it is really starting to drag ass. It always signs us out of programs (Apple TV has never signed out once), takes a long time to load and every time I start the TV I have to wait a minute for it to connect to WIFI. Everyone at first said how much more they liked it than the Apple TV but now it is getting almost no use. I'm gonna get another Apple TV for the living room when they unveil a new one. I really took for granted how simple and great that little box is. I can't wait to see how the new one might be even better.