Is This What Apple Considers Speed?

i replaced my ipad 2 with an Air a few days back, and gosh! it's so much slower than i thought it would be. the five finger close app gesture shows visible dropped frames, and the rotation is super slow. not to mention that it's had a bunch of app crashes, and three forced reboots. i mean, the screen is great and the new form factor is really swell but i'm just surprised is all. is this the kind of experienced the Verge team had when they reviewed it? is this how your iPad operates?

i don't have buyers remorse, i'm pleased with the purchase i'm just wondering if this is an anomaly or business as usual for iOS7. is it just because i restored it from an iPad 2 backup?

the video was recorded on my old xperia Arc (as my Optimus G is too big to fit in the tripod) so there may be frames lost due to slow speed, but i can tell you honestly that the end of the five finger swipe is super chunky in real life.