Android alphabet

So I know a post like this was made a couple of years ago, but I feel like this is as good a time as any for another round. What do you think the names of future releases of Android will be?

Here's what we've got so far, along with some of my guesses:

A: Alpha
B: Beta
C: Cupcake
D: Donut
E: Eclair
F: Froyo
G: Gingerbread
H: Honeycomb
I: Ice Cream Sandwich
J: Jelly Bean
K: KitKat

L: Lollipop
M: Meringue or Mars Bar (another marketing team up?)
N: Neapolitan
O: Orange Sherbet
P: Pound Cake or Popsicle? (idk how often they'll do this team up thing)
Q: Quiche
R: Rocky Road
S: Strawberry Chessecake or Sherbet (if Orange Sherbet isn't the choice) or Sundae
T: Toffee
U: Upside-down Cake (This seriously might be the only choice without resorting to other languages)
V: Vanilla Ice Cream
W: Walnut? Wedding Cake?
X: Xylitol? X is hard..
Y: Yogurt
Z: Zebra Cake

[edit]: I changed the names for A and B to "Alpha" and "Beta" per suggestion in the comments.