Show off your desk / workspace!

It's been a couple of years since the last time we had a thread dedicated to showing off your workspace, so I'm kicking off a new one. Post pics and descriptions of your daily workspace!

I'll start with mine: this is my home office where I work about half of the week (the rest of the week you'll find me in the Vox Media offices in New York City). If you notice, apart from hiding sensitive information, I didn't clear off anything from my desk for this picture — this is how I work most of the time and I wanted it to reflect that.


I use a 2012 Macbook Air plugged into a cheap no-name IPS display that I got from Amazon (propped up by an old Ubuntu book and home improvement manual) and paired to a solar Logitech keyboard and Bluetooth trackpad. There's also a mouse for when I need to do photo editing. Apart from that there's a lot of junk on my cheap, glass and metal desk, everything from business cards, to charging docks, to USB cables, and even a chip clip. Occasionally I'll spend a weekend morning cleaning it all up, but it very quickly devolves into a state of disarray, so it's usually a futile endeavor.

I've shown you mine, time to show off yours.