ICT school project, program to be found.

Hello Verge Readers,

I need to find a software/method to accomplish this Information And Communication Technology (ICT) Project that I have in mind (high school thing..). Basically, wanted to do a "typing test" kind of challenge, where we'd arrange this competition to see who type's the fastest.

I was wanting to have some random text, that would at the same time appear on all the 20-something computers in the school lab, so that all participants could begin at the same time, instead of just having it separately on each computer. Sort of like a live challenge, if you know what I mean!

What I have found, are a bunch of online websites that are well basically, just that. Using them doesn't allow the "live" local challenge I'm trying to go for.

So I'd thought I'd ask you people, if you can help me find a way to do this all or more if you've got something better!

Oh and I haven't got much prep. time, and neither this this going to be some overly- complicated work of art, so simple can work too, if it means getting it over with..

Lastly, not sure if this WAS the right place to post (seemed like!) so ahem, excuse me if it isn't!