How Holofication Nation is making Android apps look awesome [UPDATE]


It started like a concept, but Holofication nation is making giant steps into the media because of what they're doing: Simplify and redesign some of the most famous Android apps, so that it matches the design language that Google is bringing to all their apps: Holo.

The Holo design, tries to make everything feel flat, in a nice way. But most of Android developers ignore this design and make their own. So in the end, in some parts of the system the User Interface feels weird and mismatched.

Holofication Nation is changing that.

They are taking some famous apps, like Instagram, Snapchat or Grooveshark and making them holo. And the result is gorgeous.

The Instagram app it's incredible. They have made a whole redesign to its User Interface and now it's fully integrated into the Android design.

The app now displays in fullscreen mode (even though, in the first version, it had transparent navigation bars, they are gone because of some bugs) The navigation buttons now are flat, like the whole UI, and it feels so much better than the original app in the Play Store.


This is what the feed looks like, note the lack of shadowing, and the fullscreen mode that hides the notification bar making the app more inmersive.


In the explorer tab, the most noticeable change is that now, the photos displayed, have no frame, and look bigger.


The news tab, feels mostly the same, I think that, apart from the new buttons, it is exactly the same.


The same happens to the profile page, it is mostly the same as the original app, with, of course, the removal of all the shadows and skeumorfic elements.

Now they are working on a concept of a CNN app, and letting people suggest new apps to "holofy" (Now the most suggested apps are Facebook and WhatsApp (Take note developers, these guys are making an awesome job here...)

Of course this kind of apps have a downside, and that's, of course, the support. You can't go to the Play Store or similar to get the latest update. Instead, you have to be attentive to all their forums and posts to get the latest version. But believe me, it's worth it.

From here, I encourage you to explore and try their apps. Holofication Nation is present in Google+ as a private community, and in their Holofication Nation webpage.

Now, let's see what you guys think of initiatives like this one, and if you know something similar in the comment section below.

[UPDATE February 8]

Holofication Nation has published their official app , where you can find all their apps with screenshots, descriptions and the most important part: A download page. Now you don't need to be checking Google+, their forum on XDA Developers or their website, now the most recent app is way more easy to get, and if you already got it, more easy to know about the last version and updates. You can download their new app HERE.

More info at Holofication Nation webpage and Google+.

Download of the Official Holofication Nation app: Here

Disclaimer: All screenshots above are from my own Instagram.

Note: Excuse me if some parts are not well written, I'm still learning English and, as you can see it's not my mother Language... -.-"