Help me decide what my next engineering workbook will be.

Hello all,

I will be posting this on both the core and tribe asking your opinions on two awesome machines. First I'd like to give a preface of what I will be using my computer for. I am a mechanical engineer a year away from graduation, and I am looking for a portable workstation.

I am already working for a company and work on fairly large designs(200+ component assemblies). I will be returning full time in the summer and after my last project I am getting sick of Creo/PRO 5.0. My work and school do not support Solidworks, but I have been considering purchasing a license for myself. For this, I will require a portable workstation to haul to and from work/school.

The two beauts I've been looking at are:

Refurbished 15.4-inch MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Quad-core Intel i7 with Retina Display

15" rMbp

Dell Precsion M3800 Workstation

Dell 15.6" M3800

Now obviously, the Precsion has a workstation card(albeit mid-range) which is better for 3D CAD applications and the rMbp has both a 750m and Iris Pro graphics. I am wondering anyone has had experience with running solidworks and Creo/PRO 5.0 in bootcamp. They have very similar specs, the only concerning thing is if the mac will encounter any errors or crashes, due to the non-workstation card/bootcamp issues.

As of now, if I can get some positive reassurance of the stability of the mac, I am leaning that way(Its Cheaper who would of thought!). Any advice/input is appreciated, thanks in advance!

- Jordan