Show us your desktop... when you're seriously working on it.

What do you use your desktop or laptop for? We are people from different backgrounds but all interested in technology, and we use the same operating system to achieve our vastly different tasks. I'm fascinated by the astounding amount of unique software that everyone uses, from MS Word to MatLab, from Adobe AfterEffects to ReplicatorG.

Usually, when we have a "Show your desktop" thread, we see a lot of barren desktop screenshots with only a giant clock, lots of CPU meters and a calendar babe in the background, and actual work to be seen... and it's time to try something different. I want to see screenshots of your computers working the hardest, with all the apps you are using open, and with the most brilliant projects you are currently working on.

So... here's mine:

I use my computer for UX design, and my main apps are:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 (for all designs, vectorized)
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro (for exporting bitmaps)
  • Microsoft OneNote (docked on the side for quick reference to notes)
  • Spotify + Airfoil (music for Airplay speakers)
  • all running on Windows 8.1


(Blur all the things you don't want the public to see, btw.)