13-15 inches Surface Pro = Ultimate Notebook/Ultrabook

We all know that Windows 8 is designed to be a hybrid OS. But so far the implementation of hybrid PC is not that good, mostly because of the screen size. So why not just make a Surface with all the screen size?

Here is what I believe:

  • 7-8 inches Surface = Media consumption
  • 10-11 inches Surface = Compromised tablet/PC (for those who does not mind compromise and need extreme portability and productivity)
  • 13-15 inches Surface = Ultimate productivity Notebook/Ultrabook. This is just like the next generation of PC.

First we have desktop, then we have Notebook/Ultrabook, which hasn't changed much for decades. It is time for the next generation of PC which is I believe is similar to the Surface form factor. Very thin PC with touch input, pen input, keyboard and mouse. 13-15 inches Surface with touch/type cover will function the same as conventional notebook/ultrabook, and can do much more things.

The next generation of software will also adapt to this form factor. Imagine how cool it is if Adobe and Autodesk optimize their software for pen input. We take note and draw on our Surface just like traditional paper and pen.

Microsoft does not need to ship notebooks/ultrabooks. I believe 13-15 inches Surface can do the job very well and has the potential to be the next evolution of PC. Imagine all the future PCs ship with the same form factor and reasonable price.