Sony PlayStation 4

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Reviewed by Isayhello (Currently owns)

I preordered the system and have been using it for nearly 3 months.

The Good:
- Snappy OS response with Hulu, Amazon Video, and Netflix a breeze to use. New OS is intuitive and makes for quick access to any part of the system while maintaining pleasing layout. Nothing feels buried.
- Graphical horsepower to spare. Killzone and Assassin's Creed delivered a glimpse of next gen graphics. Resogun an awesome exclusive. Waterspouts in Assassin's creed were genuinely terrifying on a 110" screen.
- New Dualshock controller redesign is extremely comfortable and much improved over PS3 version.
- Playstation Plus a real value and already delivering free PS4 games.
- Remote play delivers as promised and works surprisingly well.

The Bad:
- Attrocious controller battery life. 3-4 hours max during gameplay.
- OS currently lacks DLNA or stored video support though Plex works well through the Internet browser.
- Lack of launch titles though better than the PS2 and it's fireworks simulator.
- Remote Play doesn't function with Amazon Video so you can't take your show to the restroom with your Vita.
- Killzone a disappointment but redeemed by 2 amazing free games in Warframe and Resogun.

Overall I'm excited I went with the PS4 this gen. I was hedging and nearly bought the XBone. Having had the opportunity to play Call of Duty and Assassins Creed on both the horsepower advantage of the PS4 is noticeable in higher resolutions and better AA/volumetric effects. Lots of promise with the PS4.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 9
  • Software 8
  • Game selection 7
  • Controls 8
  • Performance 10
  • Heat / noise 10
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