Internet Yami-Ichi - All of the bizarreness of the internet, in real life..


I went to a market on Sunday, called the Internet Yami-Ichi. The first in Europe, having previously only taken place in Japan. It was so weird, and great!

The basic concept of it, is a market where everything is to do with the internet - bringing the internet into a physical space. They call it "a flea market for "browsing" face-to-face". It's all about capturing the essence of the freedom of the internet which used to exist but is now under constant erosion by large companies, like Facebook, Google etc.

You could buy social media likes, rocks with 3D scan data and IP addresses, there was a URL lottery, 3D printed stuff, binary porn, glitch art clothing. It was really cool.

The Verge should really do a feature on these Internet Yami-Ichis! and the guys who organised it - IDPW - "a secret society on the internet that goes back more than 100 years".

I took some photos and wrote a blog post if anyone's interested in reading more!

Link here!