Verge video player "auto play" next video

Hi guys,

I love what the Verge is doing, but keep getting frustrated with one simple thing. The video player. Every time I play a video i have to end up closing the tab because the player continues to the next video, which I of no interest to me. I could wait for it to load and pause it but it is just frustrating and old fashion (this is not youtube).

I think this is something that should be left ON only for successive stories, or the main page video player where people go to get an overview of resent stories. But I cannot stress how frustrating it is to start reading a story, watch the video and then have a bunch of other unrelated videos start playing while i'm trying to read the rest of the story.

Can i turn that off on my side or i need to wait for you guys to realize how old fashion and bothersome that is?