What I hate (and needs to change) in Win8

Before I start off, I use Win8 at work and home. I like the OS in general, but there are always stuff that annoy me that I'd like to see changed. 1. Different screens for Settings when opened from the Metro UI versus desktop. Try opening (for example) Windows Update from the Metro UI, it brings a totally new UI. This is very annoying. 2. Non Metro Apps look ugly in the start screen. I use VS everyday and whenever I see the VS (and associated tools) icon on the start screen, they bring the total experience down! 3. Obviously, keyboard/mouse experience is very bad with Win8 (although I must say, strangely, with two screens, the experience is totally acceptable). 4. Two versions of the same app, one for desktop and one for metro is very annoying. There are two Skype app, two skydrive app. It gets confusing and at times annoying!!! I'd appreciate if others can also write down what annoys them so that someone from Microsoft will look at these and do something about it.