Chromecast/Googlecast Wishlist

Now that the SDK for Chromecast has been released, what are you wishes for Chromecast outside of apps. For example mine is as follows:


1.MultiRoom Audio Support (Make Chromecast the poor mans Sonos)

2. Audio only support (to take on Spotify Connect)

3.Chromecast app to manage a queue between all apps (So you can make a list of Hulu videos, followed my Netflix videos, and then follows by Music)

4. Add Support to Sleep/Power Off TVs and Control Volume if the TV supports HDMI-CEC


1. HIgh End Audio Only Verison (No HDMI out, Just Aux out, TosLink, or Banana Plug Connection)

2. Ethernet Port

3. TV with Built in Support

4. Higher End Version like the Nexus Q but in the 100-200 dollar range.

App Features:

1. Support for Mutliuser support in all APPS! (I think Netflix and Youtube are the only ones to currently do this)

2. Continuous Playback in Netflix/Hulu

What features do you want?