Help: buy rMBP 13" now or wait? Does it still suffer from scroll lag or "ghosts" in display?

Hey, I'm from Brazil and I will buy a retina MacBook Pro 13" this year. The price here is about $2000 (before someone ask, the 15" here is about $4000 and the Mac Pro $5200). Expensive, I know. So I need to think twice always. The thing is.. they might release a 2014 retina MacBook Pro in WWDC. They might release a 12" retina MacBook Air. Or they might make a minor upgrade in October. The MacBook needs to be perfect for me, I will use it for at least the next 4 or 5 years..

I've read it has a few problems, including:

- Scroll Lag, since the graphics card isn't good enough for the retina display.

- Display with ghosts/image retention: well... this is self explanatory, but usually the display is bad manufactured.

Can anyone confirm this or help me? I've heard a few months ago... so maybe Apple improved the manufacturing process and it is not happening anymore, but might happen again if they make a retina air... I'm very confused. If you were me, would you hold the cash, get the 2013 now.. or what? How is the performance of the iris (not pro)? Maybe the next model will fix the graphical glitches..

I hear on The Verge the scroll wasn't "butter" smooth.. I'm used to the iPad and I think the iPad is butter smooth. Should I expect the same?

Thanks in advance!