Nokia Lumia 525 : Worth waiting for ?

Hi !

I've had this Xperia E (and i should've looked for a way to get a Moto G, but i think my impatient being just screwed me.) stuck on JellyBean 4.1.1, and it's laggy as hell, they've only got 2GB of Space for Apps + A sometimes obligatory pool of 700ishMB for OS Apps and other apps... i know there's a guy with his fancy HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2, Nexus 4/5 bitching on me for that, but for an OS advertised with project butter in mind... i just find it hardly acceptable anymore to have a phone that lags, whether it's low, mid or a high-end device, we'll have to reach that roof where computing power is just good enough to run everything that i need from it.

So, i'm planning on sparing it to a member of my family who gives zero cares about smartphone specific features, i think Android with its openess and very "Symbian"-like OS use we'll please to him, or i might just end up selling but... here's the thing, i already know there's Nokia Lumia 520 around, but no flash, very little RAM which might limit the upgrade potential, not having the latest SnapDragon beast in... it just doesn't feel fresh or exciting as it was when it came out.

At the end of it, Nokia Lumia 525 + The next version of WP, worth waiting for ? I also run exclusively on Microsoft services, so... Bing, Outlook, and all that shit isn't a problem for me. (Good thing Microsoft is supporting all the platforms by the way, one of the main reasons i choosed to stick with their services.)