WP guy ventures into Android

Are you a mainly WP user and have an Android phone? Please share your experience:

- What you like and don't like about Android from a WP user perspective

- What cool things are you doing with Android that you could not do with WP

I've been a WP user since 2010. In 2013 WP finally got all the apps I needed on a daily basis (banking, social media, etc.). Then I started getting into home automation and none of the systems I owned supported WP. Then I saw that a lot of the latest tech like AV receivers and upcoming wearables had a slim chance of supporting WP, so that outlook made me jump into the Android bandwagon.

I went with the Moto G. I honestly cannot think of a better device for $179. I really like this phone.

- Beautiful HD screen

- Good build and ergonomics with snappy physical buttons

- Minimally customized, almost stock Android (or is it stock? I don't know)

The Good:

Notification Center is nice and easily accessible by swiping from the top.

I like the minimally customized Android. It's fast, fluid and logical, although Android has more options than I care to have. I see no lag or performance issues. Heck, I think it's faster than my Lumia 920 (at least running on the quad-core Moto G).

If you are into the Google ecosystem, Android is a must. All of Google's excellent services are readily available and integrated. I'm not a heavy Google user so I opted out of almost everything, including location services, Google+, etc., I can still install and run apps, so I'm basing my experience on that for the moment.

Love the wallpapers, really liven up the home screens.

Soft buttons are nice, WP OEMs should implement something like this.

The Bad:

I got the phone for one reason alone: Apps. I needed to run 3 apps I could not run on my WP:

(1) A home automation app

(2) A mobile client for a smart irrigation system

(3) An AV receiver and media center control app

Of these apps, (1) ran but it crashes constantly, (2) is extremely slow an unresponsive compared to the web client, and (3) is broken and does not support the latest Android 4.4. So there you go, ecosystem score. :-|

Perhaps it's a matter of inexperience, but I noticed that I spend a lot more time tinkering with the Moto G than I do with the Lumia to be able to make things run the way I want. There's more tapping, more menus upon menus of options. I think more options and features invariably lead to more complications; it's not markedly so, but the overall basic experience is lower in the pleasure & ease-of-use scale compared to WP.