Mavericks Spotlight Help

Good evening all

Ive got a small issue with spotlight search ever since I did a fresh install of os10.9.1 it just keeps indexing and never finishes Ive left my Macbook for 12h to see if it would eventually finish and it doesn't. the kicker is if i don't have my whole HDD in spotlight bypass (privacy) the whole system locks up from time to time and everything runs sluggish.

my MB is a late 09 unibody 13" w/ core2duo 2.4ghz 6gb of dd3, so according to apple and my readings there should be more than enough eumph to run mavericks.

Ive tried booting into recovery and running repair disk permissions (according to apple this is the issue) and it does nothing for my cause.

please help me get spotlight and subsequently Alfred working again.

thanks in advance