Help me petition the Whitehouse to regulate Super Bowl Ad Pricing so we can have decent commercials!

I need 150 signatures to make this petition public. So why not try my favorite website's forums? Link is above, long link is below.

I don't know if this will work, or if it's even something that's addressable. But it's worth a try, and if there's nothing they can do, well, at least we'll get a response more entertaining than the slaughter that occurred Sunday.

Increase Regulation of TV Networks' 30 Second Ad Pricing During Super Bowl Games To Reduce Number Of Crummy Commercials!

As we all know, Super Bowl Sunday is a sacred day. More people tuned into Super Bowl XLVIII than any other television event in US History. This means 115.3 million people eagerly awaiting a unique, funny, and diverse palate of commercials were instead dismayed by an abundance of dull advertisements for cars.

The biggest reason for this is the $4 million price tag for a 30 second commercial, a price only the richest of companies can afford (i.e. automakers). The companies that need this time to sell their brand to America are instead shunning this golden opportunity to bring joy to the world while we groan at yet another year of horrible ads.

Please find a way to regulate the price of these precious timeslots so that smaller, more interesting companies can bring joy back to the big game.