Talk Me Off of This Ledge

Ladies and gentlemen, I need your help.

I am seriously considering switching from Windows Phone and Windows 8 to Mac and iPhone. This idea pains me to no end, but I've nearly reached a breaking point in my patience with Microsoft.

I LOVE what Windows 8 and Windows Phone have the potential to be. I LOATHE the fact that it feels like they are doing nothing to turn the potential into kinetic.

When I use a piece of technology, I want the technology to feel complete. There may be things about it I don't care for, but the products should be complete regardless of whether or not I agree with design and implementation decisions. Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 are far from complete, and I would be embarrassed if my name were attributed to either release.

What's worse is my alternatives. The only real alternative to my personal and business computing needs is Mac. I've owned Macs in the past, and they were always pretty reliable. That spinning rainbow pinwheel from back in the day made me want to punch Justin Long in the face, but it was a sporadic nuisance that didn't get in the way too much. However, I never really enjoyed using OSX. I thought the persistent menu bar at the top was an eyesore, the included mouse was awful, and I felt like I spent way too much money for what I received in return.

This all looks a bit better to me though. I've learned that it is possible to hide the menu bar. Also, many developers make really great apps for Mac. Pricing is still high, but if I were to put a dollar amount on my frustration level and add it to the cost of a new Windows machine, I think Mac makes the cut.

Lastly, the iPhone. My Lumia 928 is great. It is fast and fluid, and it has a great camera. However, I'm about to go through another warranty return process which will be my second one since September. Windows Phone development seems to have taken a backseat to the backseat of Windows 8 development. Then, I look back at my days with my iPhone 4s (pre-iOS7), and I see the things I took for granted. My iPhone was fast and fluid too. It had an OK camera, and I rarely had to restart it. There were apps for anything I could have ever needed too.

Right now, guys and gals, the grass is looking so much greener on the Apple side. This is not a rant to simply hate on Microsoft and praise Apple. I wanted to share my perspective with you in hopes that you would remind me what there is to love about Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Tell me why you left iOS and OSX. Help me see this clearly from both sides so I can make a decision based on reason and not emotion.

Thanks for reading.