iPhone 4s/macbook user consiering Nokia 1020- mistake?

I have an iphone 4s which is 2+ years old and it is time for a change. I am completely obsessed with the camera on the 1020. It looks amazing. My only concern is if Windowsphone 8.0/8.1 will work for me.

I use my phone for:

music (sync with itunes via my mac)

twitter (read news on it mostly)


wordament ((love it)

messaging (all of my family has iphones, so I wouldnt be an "imessage" fwiw)

syncing with my garmin running watch (not a deal breaker- think i found an app that sorta does this)


banking (my bank has an app)


A few ?s

1) anyone else synce windows phone with a mac? Is that a pain/problem?

2) Am I making a mistake getting 1020 now? Do you anticipate a new version will come out over the summer or is nokia/MS ditching the 41 mp camera

3) Anything I should know about 1020 or any feedback from people who have had it for several months?