Huddle up tribe, we have a problem to fix

Actually, more like "I have a problem to fix and need your help."

The Verge app for Windows Phone which a lot of you like using needs your help. I have been in talks with the team over at Vox Media (good hearted folks BTW) and the lawyers think I should not use "The Verge" name/logo. The news feed access might be removed in future as well. I think that's fair, they own the content so I'll play by their rules.

Given that, what do you think the app should be called? I like David Pogue's idea from CES. :) Feel free to suggest a logo as well.

I don't think it's productive to complain why they didn't show support for the app, so let's skip that. Given this new development, I am going to take a step back from adding new features as well to avoid wasting efforts. I'll keep this working until I hit an unavoidable roadblock. Thanks for your support so far.