I just bought a Nexus 5 (red) to learn Android. What do I need to know/expect?

Hi everyone!

(TL;DR: Really using Android for the first time ever. Any tips or stuff I should know (Nexus 5))

How are you today?

I have used an iPhone next to an iPad and Mac, now I'm mostly in a Windows world with me constantly switching between my godly and lovely Pre 3 and some Windows Phones I get and sell. The only Android phone I have owned was a crappy secondhand LG Optimus L7 to test some stuff.

But now Android really looks polished and nice and I need to get to know it better to better understand all platforms.

As you may know I'm a UX/UI & Branding Architect. I got a feature on The Verge building a better Windows 8, will soon be posting on The Verge my iOS plans and is fairly regular on the web, here an on my blog about design.

Android looks a hell lot better since then and I do not have the sufficient knowledge about the platform having not used it recently. I own on top of everything a Kin and a Nokia N9... so it gives you an idea of truly multi-platform knowledge and experience here.

What is important? What should I know? What should I do? You guys are the experts and I'd love to get to know Android some more!

Thanks everyone!