Dell Venue 11 Pro Quality Control

Josh and The Verge gang,

I think you are missing a story here...

As part of the recent holiday season, many folks were looking for an iPad alternative that offered a full Windows OS experience at a reasonable price and build quality (i.e., not as expensive as the Surface Pro 2). Many thought we found it in the Dell Venue 11 Pro. Ordering two myself along with the optional mobile keyboard and stylus, I thought I was set. Sadly, the quality control of these devices on their roll out has been unimpressive--to be polite. The stylus has been pulled off the market. One of mine worked, the other was DOA (even with fresh batteries). One of my mobile keyboard's batteries was DOA as well. Despite being initially promised 3-5 day replacement of the defective parts, it was over one month to just get the keyboard replaced--only to then learn that the earliest I can "re-apply" for the stylus replacement is this March (initial order received last December). Yes, you read that right. Since they replaced the keyboard and the stylus won't be available until March, Dell closed my order ticket and said I have to call back in March to re-start my stylus replacement process.

While the above may smack of a Dell FLAME message, a simple search of related forums indicate that this same story may be occurring in the hundreds, if not thousands, to others as well.

I recently read that Dell may be trying to shift toward a more business-only market. However, if the quality control and poor replacement process of this recent experience is any indication of Dell's current state-of-affairs, they better re-tool hardware and customer support before they shed their retail customers for any serious shot of succeeding with the business market.

Perhaps Dell has gone too big-box store to care about the quality they once had?