What makes you choose Android over other OSes ?

The title speaks for itself really, what makes you choose Android over iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry ?

My personal list is as follows:

  • More freedom - While I don't modify my Galaxy S4 a whole lot, I like that fact that if I get bored of the way my homescreen looks, I can change it and have it how I like it rather than being stuck with a grid of icons/tiles.
  • File system access - The availability of a file system makes a lot of tasks far simpler. Being able to attach whatever files I want to an e-mail for example should be a basic feature for any OS, yet both iOS and Windows Phone (not sure about Blackberry) don't allow that.
  • Various different hardware - I love the choice I have of different hardware of various shapes and sizes from various manufacturers. While WP also offers this, Android is still far more robust in it's app selection and feature set so the fact it's the OS running on these devices means this reason is valid.
  • Google services - While Google services are of course available on iOS, they're nearly always available first and in full on Android. Being tied in Google services makes using Android an even more enjoyable experience in my eyes.
So those are my reasons, what are yours ?