Bought an Asus Vivotab Note 8 Wacom Digitizer. My Mini Review. Do you have questions?



So yeah, I bought this tablet recently. I got it because the integrated wacom pen intrigued me and I was already in the market for my first tablet. First I really wanted to buy something like the iPad but then the onslaught of the 8 inch cheap Tablet (...starting with Dell Venue Pro 8) caught my attention.

Although I am surely missing nifty games like tiny wings here (the app store truly is miserable!), i still like the device.

Some advantages and disadvantages:


  1. very light. sturdy. grippy feel.
  2. Wacom pen digitizer is very accurate (dont expect the accuracy of a real wacom graphic tablet though)
  3. Speedy operations. I am using it very heavily for the last 4 days. I did not see any lags whatsoever. Its butter.
  4. Wacom Pen is integrated to the tablet. Big life saver.
  5. Real Windows 8.1 :-)
  6. Battery Life. I am getting solid 7 hours of fairly heavy use. Am sure I will be able to squeeze out a bit more.


  1. Screen! On one hand the colours are really good. They look wonderful (In my eyes). On the other hand I find the maximum brightness to be little lacking. Its not bad by any means but its not good either. A couple of lumens more would have been good. Its not a crippling point. Most will find the brightness to be adequate. The display can be turned really dark...good for some night-time bed surfing.
  2. Camera. Back camera is okay. I find it a bit slow. Picture quality is nothing fancy. It will get the job done. Front camera is below-average. Perfectly adequate for Hangouts though.
  3. I cannot connect the tablet to another PC for transferring data. This seems silly and I expected this, but it is a strange "lack of feature". When I brought the tablet home, I did not have a microSD or an OTG cable...I actually did not know how to transfer some Films and music. Screw the cloud!


  1. No oleophobic coating. This is really really BAD. I have never touched a screen that gets so dirty so fast. Worse: If you want to wipe the screen it seems to spread the oil uniformly all over the screen. I am really really disappointed by this aspect. I will buy a screen protection for the first time for a gadget.
  2. Off/On Button. This too is extremely bad. The clicking is not well defined. The buttons get stuck, which frankly is inexcusable. It seems like a child-protection feature.
  3. Start button. This button is clicky but its positioning is bad. When held in landscape/potrait mode, I mostly cannot reach the button. This is not a huge problem as windows a virtual start button (Charms bar) is perfectly adequate for all circumstances.
  4. Wacom pen is not as accurate in the extreme margins of the screen. This is something I noticed when taking some notes. Its not a deal breaker though. You can use the Windows Pen calibration tool to fight the problem.
  5. Wacom Pen is fairly thin for my taste. It does not give you the satisfaction of holding a pen.
  6. It seems to not have DLNA support. i tried sharing something from my Tablet to the LG Smart TV (with DLNA)...and it failed to identify the TV. i am not sure on this one.

All in all I am fairly satisfied with the versatility of the tablet. It functions very well in day to day operations and has solid battery life. Some of the disadvantages are inexcusable from a company like Asus (lack of oleophobic coating and bad button) but the advantages outweigh the negatives for me. I bought it for 269 Euros which is a very good bang for buck for this tablet. For many the Dell Venue 8 pro is probably a better choice with a better screen and more solid feel. That said, the integrated and more accurate pen is very good reasons for buying this tablet. The digitizer on the Dell Venue is not comparable to that of Asus. If you dont intend to use a pen, I dont think there is a single reason for buying this Asus Vivotab Note 8.

If I get time, I will upload some pictures. If you have questions, I can answer them as best as I can (even with pictures)!