Apps Designed for KitKat

Seeing as there are very few apps designed for KitKat on the Play Store I thought it would be nice for us to share the ones that we know of with screenshots.

The only one that I've seen so far is Pushbullet. It's one of the more useful utilities I've seen on the Play Store. It will push all of your phone's push notifications to your desktop, as long as you have Google Chrome open. You can also push files and URLs from your phone to Chrome and vice versa. It's great not having to get up to unlock my device to check a notification.


Note that for push notifications on Chrome to work, Pushbullet requires access to all of your notifications and the sensitive content that may be stored within them. I'd recommend that security and privacy conscious users deny Pushbullet access to Android notifications.

Share any others you know of in the comments :)