Developer pulling Flappy Bird's or is it just another Drama to gain more downloads?

This evening an article was published on The Verge, and yes, I was shocked after reading the whole article. I wasn't shocked just because the game is getting pulled, instead my reaction was on Game developer's thinking. He says, game's popularity is ruining his personal life... Really?

So, then Candy Crush Saga's developer King must have got mad till now? While I was reading the article, Just one thing came to my mind, "Exclusivity"

The game has already got very popular on both the platforms and the developer is, reportedly, earning around $50,000 a day


and I think here's the break point. Who wants personal life these days? A very few of us, and developers are those who never get any personal life, so his point is ridiculous here.

What do you think guys, what could be the possible reason behind this short of action, greed or real life problem or any lawsuit (may be nintendo is suing him for similar design) Do share what comes in your mind!