The real reason Flappy Bird is being Pulled

source: -Carter Thomas


"I’ve seen a lot of shady stuff in the app store and this is textbook. For any of you that don’t understand how this works, essentially people will create cloak IP addresses and automate hundreds of thousands of Apple ID accounts on virtual devices that download an app millions of times.

Because chart ranking is primarily driven by download volume, the app goes to the top of the charts. Then it enjoys all the organic volume that that chart position gets. The Apple IDs are then programmed to leave a Review of the app (4 or 5 stars) and can create copy using powerful automated programs.

I am very much against this sort of marketing and I hope that this ends up not being true. One saving grace (if he did, in fact use bots) is knowing that he’s using AdMob banners and nothing else to monetize, meaning he left about $1M on the table this past week."

All of his applications have magically skyrocketed to the top 10. I believe he initially used bots in order to boost his ranking and eventually stopped once his app gained publicity. Im sure Apple saw something fishy and he is probably dealing with them now.

Flappy bird originally had no ads also, the iAds were only added recently

Do you think this is true?