Photos, cloud storage, what rules them all?

Ok so I just got my MacBook Air not too long ago. It is an older, refurbished model and is VERY limited in space. I know that there was a lot of fuss over Everpix going bust but I had not really seen it until I heard it went under. I was not into photography or concerned with photo storage in its heyday.

I am currently looking for a good cloud storage system for my photos. I have hundreds of family/personal pics on Facebook and I am considering buying a nice DSLR for taking pics for my blog. Not necessarily something I am going to waste my family/friends time with on my Facebook timeline. I need a good cloud storage system. One that can handle large files if possible.

I have a Google Drive account as my last computer was a Chromebook which came with 100 GB of free storage but that will expire next January and I do not plan on retaining the storage as I am only using about 5 gigs right now and I have tried to mess with photos on there before and it was a huge hassle.

Any suggestions? DropBox could work, but that is both local and cloud. I am limited on local. Drive just doesn't do it for me. I am leaning towards Imgur as I can share all my photos easily. Any pro suggestions? Thanks.