What's your vision on how the web could help improve our lives?

Web services and technologies have made things possible that generations before us could only dream of - ubiquitous information, ubiquitous and instant communication, user-generated media... These things give new kinds of abilities and power to anybody who is connected to the web, regardless of where they live and who they are.

The technologies and infrastructures involved are evolving rapidly. Mobile devices allow us to be connected where ever we are, cloud services allow us to access data and services from any place, new input and output technologies are entering the consumer market (AR, VR).

In what ways do you think new web-based technologies could change and improve everybody's lives?

Here's my vision: Social media for sharing life experience. Social media are currently used mainly for entertainment. Websites such as 9gag generate tons of high quality content by implementing a simple voting system. Why not use that kind of social media to enhance the process of tradition and cultural evolution by allowing people around the world to share life experience and advice in an efficient way? Users could upvote posts based on their own experiences, and consume posts through a customized feed that shows the best voted posts that are relevant to their own lives.