Paper gotta be the best iPhone app ever made

I am pretty sure you guys in the USA have tried it already. I am here in Singapore and couldn't wait after I watched the trailer. So I went ahead to change the location of my Apple ID to USA.

The more I use Paper, the more this app amazes me.

In a phrase, it's Facebook re-designed by Apple. (and it's partially true, as one of the designers of the app is a former Apple employee)

Let me tell you why it's so awesome.

1. You can use the entire app with one hand ALL THE TIME. This is no small feat. I believe Paper has raised the bar for a superior mobile user interface.

2. All animations are pleasantly fluid and consistent, not fanciful.

3. The sound effect of 'Like' button is so satisfying. (believe me, I am liking so many things because of this)

4. Attention to detail is amazing. When you are scrubbing the time in video, the time indicator shifts above your finger so you can still see it.

I highly highly recommend you to take the little trouble to change your App Store location to download this. Paper doesn't add anything 'new' to the Facebook; it dramatically improves how you 'feel' when you Facebook. Paper has become the most heavily used app on my iPhone since the second I installed it. Please share your experience if you have used it!

And by the way, the horizontal timeline can look a bit too small at first, but I have gotten used to it in a few days.