Nexus 4 screen cracked while I was playing


I bought my Nexus 4 end of July 2013. One week later I went on holidays and I was happy with my new phone. (I had an iPhone 5 before).

When I arrived, after 4 hours driving, I noticed a crack on the back of my phone. I was a little bit bummed. Coming from an expensive iPhone 5, I make sure to take care of my phone. It didn't fell. It DID NOT fell. There is nothing on the edges, but there is still a crack. So here I am, with my 1 week old phone and its cracked screen. Ok, cool, I only paid 350 euros so it's okay compared to the iPhone 5.

Months go by, I am happy with it. And this morning, I pick up my phone, start playing a tower defense game (Kingdom Rush Frontier). After a few minutes I hear a cracking sound. Very subtle yet loud enough for me to hear it over watching Dr House.

I stop the episode and the game, start inspecting it. Now notice that I am still in my double bed and I am holding the phone. (I mention the double bed b/c the N4 would have to jump off the bed to fell. Like suicide or something.) It DID NOT fell. And now the touchscreen starts to totally screw with me. I lock the phone, try to unlock it. But I can't. I use the pattern system and the dots are not connecting. It is as if I was pressing each dot after another. Weird. I have not seen the crack yet. I restart the phone. And while the screen goes black I see it...

TADAAAA! A big crack goes from the bottom of my screen, to the right edge, dividing the screen into 2/3 - 1/3.

I can FEEL the crack with my nails. and the 1/3 part below the crack is dead. My phone is PIN-lock and pattern-lock. I can type my PIN code but the ENTER key being below the crack, it's dead.

My phone has 2 cracks, 6 months after I bought it. Between the two cracks if fell ONCE from waist-height and the screen did not crack, although there are marks. But where the two cracks begin, there are not marks.

It's Sunday, Google is closed. I have no phone. Whaddup?