Google Chrome - High DPI support?

Is it just me or does Chrome have the worst HiDPI support (on Windows)? It makes my eyes want to bleed.

I own a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus (name sucks, laptop is awesome... 3200x1800 screen resolution is jaw dropping in optimized apps). Everything is blurry. Many drop down boxes are barely readable. The edges of the tabs are gross. The back, forward, refresh, and home buttons all look like they are upres'd from something designed for a 640x480 screen. The spacing changes between the extension buttons.

It's not just problems with the Chrome GUI. Many websites (the verge included) often get rendered incorrectly (text is blown up but not the background box behind it). This leads to frustration while browsing the web. Also, some text comes out blurry.

Honestly, the thing looks like an abortion compared to IE (which has by far the best HiDPI support). The only thing I've seen fixed in the few months I've owned this laptop (2 months...) is the new tab button is now always the same shape (it used to have a flat slide on the right side if you were not set to 100%).

It's barely usable. if it were any worse... I would be forced to use Firefox or IE... With all of the effort being put into developing Chrome OS, one would think that the benefits would be coming down the chain to Chrome on other platforms. Does it suck this much ass on OSX (I don't use it, so I don't know...)? Surely Google can find a small team to fix these issues. I know they don't like Windows and Microsoft - but it's likely the biggest portion of their chrome "business".

I've been using Chrome since it launched and I would prefer to continue using it - but seriously Google... where is the HiDPI support?

(I can post pictures if you would like to see how bad it looks)