The Verge Off-Topic Weekender: Marching Season (1-2 March)

Marching onwards, never stopping - The Verge Off-Topic returns for a weekend of relaxation.

Welcome to The Verge: Off-Topic Weekender. Bringing you a two day thread full of empty space to put down your thoughts and chat about anything - tech, non-tech and cake.

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I cleared through my RSS last night, lots of fun articles but the one that smacked the most was "Wes Anderson has an idea for the most boring James Bond movie ever."

How do you think that would go down? It would be colourful for one thing.

And why did you rec' my HD-DVD comment? Was it to shame me ;__;.

HF was the first HD-DVD I owned. Yes, I said it.

by Shaun McIlroy | 3 Recommends

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