WP8 OneDrive app question

Hi Tribe,

I've asked this in a couple of places but am struggling to get a straight answer, so I thought I'd see if anyone here could help me or at least reproduce the issue I'm having.

If I go into the WP8 OneDrive app and create a new folder it shows up with a blank (blue) album cover image. If I upload a photo into the new folder, the album cover / thumbnail for the folder changes to this first photo. If I upload another photo to the folder, the album cover doesn't change - it still shows the first photo that I added to the folder rather than updating to the new one. If I then delete the first photo from the folder, it still shows that image as the album cover for the folder even though it is no longer in there.

This behaviour seems a bit odd to me - is the app supposed to do this or does it work differently for you?