'Mob mentality' in Verge comments

Does anyone else get sick of ‘mob mentality’ in verge comments? It’s hard to explain, but people seem to congregate in ‘mobs’, almost contributing (a recommend) more to something, if it already has sizeable support that looks like it’s something ‘cool’ to recommend or acknowledge as cool, (almost being part of a club just by recommending it) if you know what I mean, or, 'sticks with a mob’, continuing to recommend anything a previously awesome comments' author says in the child comments (if it’s a back and forth say a fight/debate with someone disagreeing with them - no matter what they say - just to support that original ‘mob vote’).

It just doesn’t seem very individual or mature and makes me wonder sometimes, are half the verge’s users insecure tech teenagers or something... (wait, is that the theme song to captain obvious I’m hearing in the faint background)? (cos that seems an age group prone to such ‘peer pressure’ / ‘mob mentality’ behaviour in particular)... (me? I’m the 2005 Engadget Ryan Block and Peter Rojas generation, baby!)

...or am I just going crazy?

I’m probably explaining it a bit wrong, all I know is I definitely witness a ‘mob mentality’ in verge comment recommending trends, really makes my eyes roll sometimes lol.