This is bing for India

Well let me start by saying that I love Bing, I love using it and really like the integration of other data providing websites.....
Until I change the region from America to India and after that everything goes downhill

So here's the first example where I search for bill gates and you can see the difference, Not only is there no News related item about him on the page but there is not even the TImeline that bing promotes so much.


Now moving on to this question where I write in "Bill gates net worth" and the Bing page from the Indian website does not show any information and move onto the one in America it show the Net Worth very nicely


Now this is an example of a search that many people would do whether you are searching for a Phone,T.V,Camera and many more things and the Bing page in India shows nothing but Bing in America shows everything like the release date of the Phone, it's rating and many more useful things that everyone would like to see in a glance


And the last example here shows me searching for a subway near my location or in my city and as you can see the page in India shows absolutely nothing relevant to where I can find a Subway but search for the same thing in the Bing page in America not only does it show the listing for subways in my city it even comes up with a map and even ratings


So at last I would still love to use bing if they at least get the features they have rolled out to everyone and by seeing that Microsoft has a Huge market for windows phone,windows,Nokia Asha and even the Nokia X in India they should get these features to make it a usable product.