Looking for an advise on Lumia phones

Hi Tribe! I need your help... I have to choose my first WP! But let me explain you better the situation....

I have recently joined a new company and I have so now the opportunity to freely choose the smartphone I would like to get from them.

Now, given that:

1) I have already a Samsung Note 2 I own (and love) so a second Android device would be somehow redundant;

2) I'm not interested at all in the iPhone line of products (previously used already);

3) since Windows 8 came out I increased my usage of MS services (outlook.com and IE platform) while decreasing the usage of Gmail and basically abandoned Chrome browser;

4) I almost bought a Lumia 520 just to test the platform, I stopped only because at the time I had already the note and a BB provided by the company;

I made up my mind and decided to give finally a try to windows phone, specially given the interesting update 8.1 coming (and the fact I don't pay the phone! Ah..).

Let me clarify I have already moved my business SIM to the Note 2, since I want it to be my business machine thanks to the equipped pen functionality (and more computer-like attitude of Android), so the WP device will host my private SIM that I rarely use to phone call and will be used mainly for browsing, videos, map usage and some gaming.

Now, I'm absolutely confident I want a Nokia Lumia. Also, I can't wait for the new devices to come out because the company will buy the device in the coming days, finally I live and work in Middle East so no Lumia Icon availability.

All considering, I came to shortlist two devices: the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 1520. I excluded the 1020 because I like the uber-camera but I'm not fond of the camera module size.

The point is, I'm quite undecided. The Lumia 1520 looks like a great device and I don't mind the size too much, but it's definitely more expensive than 925 and I'm not completely convinced the price difference is totally there (I know it sports much better hardware, just I'm not sure the better hardware is really that much noticeable). sure I'm not paying for the device, but I don't like to waste company money (also I'm not 100% sure they will accept a 6" phone that eventually one day will be re-assigned to someone else). The 925 on the other side win on the price and more manageable size, but it's definitely an inferior product on the spec sheet.

So here I'm, asking all the proud owners of those devices (and also those who haven't any) to give me some advise and opinion. Thank you all!