iPad Mini or Nexus 7 as a Windows compliment?

I'm considering adding a small tablet to my bag to compliment my Lumia 1020 and my Yoga 11. I considered one of the 8" tablets from Dell or Lenovo but I felt like there was too much overlap with my laptop and it would be too hard to find use cases for one over the other, so I decided to go to an alternative OS to keep things interesting.

That leaves me with iPad Mini and Nexus 7 as the only other small tablets that are worth looking at, but I'm having trouble deciding which will better compliment my Windows devices. Will one or the other give me a better edge on integrating the Microsoft services I rely on (OneDrive, Outlook.com, Skype)? Are there any other advantages of using one over the other? I imagine I'll be primarily using it as a book reader and web browser, with maybe an occasional game but I doubt I'll be playing games too much on it.