Iterate and update. That's the mantra of the smartphone world these days. Where radical design changes between generations of phones might have been commonplace just a year or so ago, most manufacturers are sticking with designs that work and iterating on them with each generation. You can see that in Apple’s iPhone 5S, which looks exactly like its predecessor. Or Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S5, which, lo and behold, looks almost exactly like last year’s Galaxy S4.

LG’s new G Pro 2, a follow-up to last year’s Optimus G Pro phablet, doesn’t break any new ground either. It’s faster, feels nicer, has an improved camera and a bigger display, and runs a newer version of Android. But it’s still the same idea as last year: a really big device that straddles the line between smartphone and tablet.

There was a lot to like about last year’s G Pro — the display was great for watching video, the battery lasted all day, and it had great performance. But a number of nagging issues kept it from being the phablet to buy, and it was easily overshadowed by Samsung’s more popular Galaxy Note devices. A year on, LG has moved buttons around and increased the size of the screen, but it didn’t add any major new features — there’s no stylus to be found here and the software will feel very familiar to anyone who has used an LG phone in the past year.