What's your WP syncing setup?

I really like Windows Phone a lot, but it's biggest pain point ever since it's debut for me has got to be it's PC syncing solution (or rather, the lack thereof). Lately I've been seeing some threads about how Zune was flawless at syncing, and I agree. Zune was flawless, and the PC syncing situation on WP went from hero to zero in one version.

My setup was using Windows Media Player, I build my library and playlists in there, and since WMP supports syncing to devices using the MTP protocol, syncing my playlists directly from WMP to the phone should work....in theory (WP devices show up as a MTP device).

The phone's storage and the SD Card shows up as two different devices in WMP, so I set up a sync relationship with the SD Card, and it seemed to work, but it screws up the metadata regularly. The problem was further compounded when syncing to the SD Card causes a song to have duplicate entries in the Music app. People claimed that it was fixed in GDR2, but I was still experiencing the issue even when I was on GDR2+Lumia Amber. I'm on GDR3+Lumia Black now, and I'm not sure if the issue is still there, but I've basically given up on syncing via WMP (might try again in the future).

I tried looking for other solutions and came across what seemed to be this brilliant thing called doubleTwist Sync. It's an app that is meant to compliment the doubleTwist media player on Android, but it also happens to support syncing to any MTP device, and sure enough, it worked flawlessly! However, all the music files were on the phone instead of the SD Card, and there was no way I could get the software to sync to the SD Card. It seems like the app disregards the settings:



So now I'm pretty lost.

When I was forced to move away from Zune when I got my WP8 device, finding a suitable way to sync to my phone was a huge challenge, and it still is for me now, so I'm here to ask:

How do you guys sync your music onto your Windows Phones? (users of music streaming services need not apply) The horrible Windows Phone app for Desktop seems to work for now, but I'm wondering if there is a better solution out there?