Some tidbits about the iOS 7.1 update

Asides from the changed sliders, faster animations, changed caps lock button, button shapes, contrast, and CarPlay, here are some minor details that might interest you, if you like to dig deeper into iOS:

- When you are in Messages, every time you get a message, you'll feel a haptic feedback when in silent mode. A nice touch.

- The Private button in Safari, when activated, has a more distinct contrast to the button. It used to be quite dark when activated, but now it's much brighter.

- In the Weather app, the cloud used to be outlines but now they are filled.


If you open at least 2 apps, every time you swipe to close the app just to the right of the home screen, the status bar will appear. This won't happen if the other apps are swiped up. (Someone mentioned this some time ago, and I guess it's not fixed yet.)


The calendar lets you view a month view with the list of events. However when you do that, you can no longer tap on the individual date. You'll have to un-tap the button so you can go to the date in Day view. I think this implementation is that good, because it is not entirely intuitive.

If you Reduce Motion, everything fades. Before 7.1 the multitasking view would zoom back when you're done, but now it just fades. The same thing happens when opening a link to Safari. There no longer is any sliding animation, just a fade. I think this can potentially make people confused because you wouldn't have a context of where you were.

Feel free to add anything you've newly discovered.