Quality of coding

So I am a layman. I will be starting my first coding seminar/school next week. As such, I still have no idea of the inner workings and would appreciate some input.

So, there has been some discussions about reliability and limits of notifications (toast and livetile) in WP.

Personally, I think the situation is quite bad. But I'm trying to figure out how much of that is due to OS limitations, and how much to poor coding.

Example 1


This app right here blew me away. The speed, reliability, consistency and overall quality of toast notifications is unmatched. Basically, I get a toast notifications the same minute a goal is scored or a video added. It's ridiculous how good it works. The only thing missing for it to be 100% perfect is integration in the upcoming action center.

Plus, when I tap a toast notification, the app takes me to the game the notification is about. No need to hunt it down from the last position I left the app or nonsense like that.

Example 2

Microsoft, in house made Facebook app.

We all know it's terrible. Not only are the notifications incredibly unreliable, but the whole app is confusing.

I get a notification that someone posted a picture of me. I tap it, and I find myself in a message thread with my girlfriend. WTH? Also, If I clear fb notifications from an outside source (windows 8 app, webapp) livetile still shows a count (I understand this is due to the refresh limit of livetiles? But it's first party, can MS not make exceptions for it's own apps?)

The newly released FB messenger is also a joy to use. But again, MS should be able to make better apps for it's own OS. And they really can, as evidenced by all the bing apps. All of them are awesome.

What I don't get is how can a third party developer have a seemingly deeper understanding and be able to code a better app than the largest software company in the world who made the OS in the first place?